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The Prosecutor's Case .. continued

This public, two lives things hits home hard during the end of January. He tells Mike Richardson, there is some testimony, oh, Mike I'm so lost without Laci. Lying, you know, public Scott. Wants to be the grieving husband.

Private Scott, wants the fantasy life. On February 7th he says, because, you know, he's still pursuing her. February 7th, 2003. Can we sit down and see each other? I'm asking to see you. How about Lake Arrowhead? A possible place he wants to have a meeting with her in Lake Arrowhead. He tells her on that call, there is one thing I want to tell you. It's so special, I can't tell you over the phone. We can guess what that is.

You know. He's never told her he loved her. I don't think Scott Peterson did love her. Scott Peterson doesn't love anybody but himself. Didn't love Laci.

He adored Laci. Criers’ book is filled with page after page of examples of this.

How could he have done all the things he did and love Laci?

Bill Clinton. Frank Gifford. Kobe Bryant. Brad Pitt. Burt Reynolds. Jesse Jackson. John F. Kennedy. John Walsh. Martin Luther King, Jr. And on and on and on and on ….

Didn't love Amber.

Didn't love his parents.

Where is the evidence of that?

He lied to them constantly.

That is a lie and a violation of the oath Distaso took.

His friends, he lied to them too. Scott Peterson loved himself, no doubt about that. February 8th. I care about, I want to be the second-most joy. February 8th he says you will have all the answers to the things you want to know. You will get the answers to all of them. It's going to take time and trust, well, not trust, but time for me to be able to tell you.

What did he mean by that? I would, then she figures it out, and you and Laci were having problems, you are probably going to come up with some lie about how she ended up dead. I don't know. That's what he tells her. On February 10th, it's her birthday. Weird series of calls. Called me when you are driving past the hospital, that kind of thing. And he leaves, gives her a birthday present.

Scott Peterson is an interesting guy with presents. There was some testimony about, remember we made the everyone laugh about that star theater thing?

It's so cheap, or whatever it was, that he gave Amber for Christmas? Scott Peterson gave her inexpensive gifts, but very sentimental gifts. He is a very manipulative man.

The star theater thing. Do you remember one of the first dates they went on, they went hiking, they sat on the back of the truck, who could see the first star? Well, that gift meant something to Amber Frey. Same thing with this, with the birthday. He gave letter a little cross. You heard some religious references there. He gave her some bird seeds, some other stuff he knew she would like. He gave her a Nora Jones CD, which is right after he's been trying to get her to come down to Lake Arrowhead. The Nora Jones CD, I think the title of it, "Come Away With Me." Let me look for sure. Yeah, Nora Jones, "Come Away With Me." He's a very manipulative guy. Scott Peterson knows next exactly what he's doing at all times.

He is a man.

Let's talk about his lies. A lot of people have told me, well, you know, the guy had an affair. That doesn't mean he killed his wife. That's true. Doesn't mean he didn't. A lot of people use that like that's a positive thing. Oh, yeah, he had an affair. That's great. You know. Doesn't mean he didn't. Puts you in the race, right?

No, it doesn’t. 7 in 100,000 pregnant woman are victims of homicide. For a married white woman Laci’s age the number is much lower. 70,000 out of 100,000 married men will cheat. The killers are not all from the adulterers – they are evenly spread over the whole 100,000. There is no cause and effect.

A lot of people said, well, he had an affair, lied about it. That doesn't mean he killed his wife. Doesn't mean he didn't.

Not only does that put you in the race, now you got a fair, you have lied about it. Now you are a little bit ahead. Pretty soon with all these things that he's done, you are a little bit ahead, and a little bit ahead, and a little bit ahead. And, guess what? Pretty soon you did kill your wife.

Even further into fantasy land. All of the evidence proves the reverse. It is just as reasonable to say that the men who won’t cheat will kill their wives to enjoy other women. Distaso appears to be making this up as he goes along. Perhaps a remedial course in statistics is overdue?

All the lies he told Amber, I'm not going to go through them. All the holidays, the Europe trip, all that. But, you know, I'd like this one. I'll play this one for you to show you how manipulative he was. Even after he told Amber about Laci on January 7th, she says, she asks him, okay, are you going to tell me the truth? Oh, yeah, from now on everything I tell up is the truth. And I can't remember, maybe twenty, thirty seconds later, this is what he tells her.

Go ahead, play January 7th, 1613.

Guess what? That was a lie. He hadn't gone to Alaska for Thanksgiving. He tells, now, why lie about the affair? Remember, he supposedly told Laci about the affair. If he told Laci about the affair, there would be no reason tolie about it because she would already know. There is no reason to cover. Oh, gosh, I'm scared my wife going to find out I'm having an affair. Supposedly he already told her.

Men lie for sex. This is news?

He is lying about the affair because he killed Laci. He doesn't want anybody to know about it, because that's going to cast suspicion on him. He tells the police, Detective Brocchini, you guys have any marriage problem? No.

Everything is good? Yeah, un-huh.

Agent Mansfield. Any third parties involved in the marriage? No. He tells those in the interview with Grogan as well. Eventually calls Detective Grogan on January 25th and admits that he was lying about that. Which is very interesting, because then he goes on national television, and, John, play that GMA Clip Number 4 for me, and lies to them about it.

Men lie for sex. Still.

Two lives catching up on Scott Peterson. He wants, in public, everybody to think he's doing the right things. He's the grieving husband. He's cooperative with the police. He is helping out. He's doing the things. None of it is true.

Two lives: Private life, public life.

Like millions of men – and women. Who knew all of these preachers would be caught having sex with women – or men?

He tells Ron Grantski on December 26th, Mr. Grantski asked him, he says something is fishy about your fishing story. Doesn't make sense. He thinks it's because Scott Peterson is having an affair, Scott Peterson was really down on the 24th with his girlfriend. Scott Peterson says no, no, that's not it at all.

Where was Ron Grantski? Where (or who) is his ‘fishing hole’? Why was Ron suspicious when he, Ron was doing the same thing – or was he?

He lies where he was on January 11th. Why is that? Cue up that January 11th call, 12:55. Why is that a significant date, January 11th? Why is he lying to people about where he was on that day? Because on January 11th, people are, the Modesto Police are searching the San Francisco Bay. Searching the San Francisco Bay. It's been reported in the media that they believe they might have found a body. So this guy is going in high overdrive right out there, thinking they found Laci, and they found her quick.

So what does he do? Remember, he is down that Gilroy, Hollister area. That's what the cell site tells us. He tells, his mom calls him at 10:48. She says, where are you? He says Fresno, or West Fresno, something like that. His dad calls him later in the day, where are you? Oh, working down in Bakersfield.

His friend Aaron Fritz calls him. I'm sorry. Not Aaron Fritz. Guy Miligi called. Mike Richardson. He's in Button Willow. He's in Bakersfield. He's not in any of those places. He's hiding out waiting to see what, if anything, the police found; because if the police found Laci, he's gone. There is no way this guy is hanging around at that point. So he finally gets a voicemail message from Sharon Rocha, and telling him that they find an anchor. This is what we get. Go ahead and play it. John, Play the end of that again for me

I wish I could whistle like that. It would sound better when I'm standing up here, but I can't. But he's like "Whew," close. Almost got me.

Or “Whew”. Thank god it isn’t my wife. There’s still hope.

And listen to Sharon on that call. You know. I mean if that's not one of the saddest things you have ever heard? Because she is excited. She is relieved.

She is still clinging on to hope that Laci is coming home. And all we get from Scott Peterson is, "Whew," almost got me.

Distaso is a mind reader? He knows what this means? Why can’t it mean to Scott what it means to Sharon? Where is the evidence of guilt?

He then has the, Peterson then calls her right back, talks to her. Oh, yeah, you know, the police are searching The Bay. The fools found an anchor. He doesn't say those words exactly. He says, he talks about that. She says, "Hey, you know, am I going to get to see you tonight? Where are you?" And he says, "I'm down in Bakersfield." He lies to her to again for the first time.

Remember that false sighting of Laci in Longview, Washington? He lies to a number of people about when he contacted them up there, you know. Why is that important, is that you can, didn't mean anything. It wasn't Laci up there.

Only it turns out he wasn’t lying – it was the MPD who were.

Just further evidence of two lives. You know. He wants everyone to think he's doing something. Oh, yeah, talked to detectives, got a hold of them. Hadn't even called them yet.

Only it turns out he wasn’t lying – it was the MPD who were.

But he has to keep that persona going. He's got to keep his public persona for what people perceived him. Got to keep that going, even though he doesn't, it doesn't mean anything. His mom called and she's excited about this sighting. And this is what we get out of that. Go ahead and play that 1:31, Longview call. You know, he laughs at the end of that call.

Thank god it isn’t my wife. There’s still hope.

Rachel is up putting up posters and he laughs. Just amused by it. His mom is excited. Similar, quite frankly, kind of emotions that Sharon Rocha made in that other call. Why don't you get up there? Do you want to get on a plane, go check this thing out? Maybe it's her. It wasn't. But, no. Just, huh, huh, that's funny. Rachel is up there putting up posters.

He lies to his supporters too. And do you remember the call where he's down at bar in San Diego, then he calls the next day to Joan Faria where he's, play that call. 2-2, 1703.

The very next day he calls one of his supporters in Modesto. This is the line message he leaves on her machine the very next day. I'm just leaving that session now. Been up in grief counselling for four days in the hills.

When, of course, we know that's not true. And why is he saying that? Again, why is he saying this? Saying he is just a pathological liar? No. He knows he has to hide his involvement in this case. And to do that in public, and with his supporters, he has to be the grieving husband, and that's the reason why he's doing it.

He's not lying just because he can't tell the truth. He can tell the truth.

Some things he said was true.

Almost everything, actually. It was the MPD who were shown to have told lie after lie – to everyone.

He did go to the Berkeley Marina. The reason he's doing this is, he has to keep his supporters on the hook to keep his support base behind him, to keep the pressure off of him, and the suspicion away from him. That's why he's doing this. That's why these lies were important, not just because he's lying, because of who and what he's lying about.

Joan Faria, he's not lying to her about Amber Frey. Lots of people said so. He lies about the affair. So what? That call has nothing to do with at all with Amber Frey. Nothing at all. Longview, Washington, nothing at all to do with Amber Frey. January 11th stuff, nothing to do with Amber Frey. So it's not just, I'm just lying about my affair. That's not what's going on here. Not by a long shot.

Men lie about sex.

He lies to his friends. Remember, he told Mike Richardson, he showed up in blaze orange hair, orange goatee, the orange eyebrows. He said he got that swimming in Aaron Fritz's motel room. Everybody knows that's ridiculous. Just another lie that he told. Has nothing to do with Amber Frey.

He colored his hair to avoid the public and the media. The chlorine changed it to orange.

“Plunge Into a Pool, But Protect Your Hair” << LINK

Let's take a look at his behavior. Remember the candlelight vigil? I can't remember exactly what the testimony was, but something like 800 or a thousand people from the community in Modesto. You know, let me talk about Modesto for a minute. You know, you heard about Modesto. And you heard about, early on, they contacted the 290 sex registrants. And there is some homeless folks there. You know what, there is sex registrants and homeless folks in every community. But, you know, you saw the video of Modesto as a place. You saw a video where their house is, their neighborhood. That looks like every middle class neighborhood.

Modesto has a terrible reputation as a hotbed of criminality, including car theft, drugs, home invasions and homicides. So much for the appearances.

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I have been a scuba instructor for many years, have spent many a weekend in chlorinated pools, and have a pool of my own in the backyard...i have the same hair color as scott..has never happened...and bleaching before going in turns it a weird looking green color(many students have had it happen to them) he tried to go blond but did not leave it on long enough...(i have tried to go blond once and my hair came out the same hue as scotts did....