Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Prosecutor's Case .. continued

Wait until, you have heard, I'm going to talk about some of things he said about that in private.

Those two lives, things coming up and grabbing him.

The reason that he killed Laci Peterson was Conner Peterson was on the way, you know. If it was just Laci, he could do this two-life thing, okay? Wasn't that hard, really. Only one that even, if she even, if she found out, you heard some testimony that there might have been some other affairs. It was hearsay. You can't consider it for the truth. Quite frankly, I don't care if you do consider that part of it for the truth. So what if, so he had some other affairs? When it was just Laci, that's okay for him. If she finds out, he's only hurting her. No big deal to Scott Peterson.

But when Conner came along, things were going to change. No more of this running around living this double-life thing. Couldn't divorce her. Remember, he wants to live the rich, successful, free-wheeling bachelor life. Can't do that when he's paying child support and alimony, and everything else.

We're going to talk about his finances, and what, and the spin that was tried to put on this. It's not like this guy was rich. Although his parents gave him a ton of money. I guess they could bail him out. But he wasn't making a ton of money. He didn't want to be tied to that kid for the rest of his life. He didn't want to be tied to Laci for the rest of his life, so he killed her. It's as simple as that. It's no big secret here. There is no big mystery here. Here is what he told Amber Frey on January 1st, late. This is 12:01. She's been missing seven days.

Give him the benefit of the doubt. Call it eight days. Doesn't really matter.

He tells Amber Frey he's quoting from a book he read, Jack Cadillac. I had never read that book. It is about a guy that hitchhikes across America. Has a great time living, free wheeling, bachelor kind of life. Here's what he says.

This is what Scott Peterson, direct quote. I never had a prolonged period of freedom like that from responsibility, and this is interesting to me, and something you could incorporate into life.

And the point is? What you tell a temporary bed mate is evidence of nothing except that that’s the line you are feeding her. How many women have been told that the guy is a test pilot, doctor or whatever?

This is on January 1st. The most horrible, just incomprehensible event has just occurred to him, and he's like, you know what? This is kind of cool. I never had that prolonged period of freedom from responsibility. Well, you know what?

He just got it for himself, and he knew he did. And even though the media was kind of building up, and even though things were getting a little out of control, he was still working the plan.

Remember he is still in Europe, still working the plan. And in Scott Peterson's kind of fantasy world, things were going to work out for him. Never had that prolonged period of freedom from responsibility. That's what this guy wanted. That's what this guy had just gotten.

Now, there is going to be no dispute that Scott's lust and obsession with Amber Frey increased after Laci went missing.

The reverse is true. It is totally disputed. He wanted to dump Frey, but wondered if she was somehow involved. That’s why he wanted to have her take a polygraph.

Look at these calendars. 56 minutes in November they talked. Eight hours in December. December was going up, especially at the end there. And then look at January. This is after Laci Peterson is missing. Right? When, remember when, the spin that's going to be put on Amber Frey is that she was nothing to him. It's going to be the spin that you are going to hear, that she was just an affair.

You know, Laci was pregnant. Weren't having sex any more. Got this overactive sex drive that he has to fulfill. My guess is that would be the best spin they can put on it. But that's what they are going to say, something like that.

That she meant nothing to him. Well, for meaning nothing, he talked to her sixteen hours in January. Talked to her six hours in February. She meant nothing to him, though.

Here's some of the things he told her January 1st, that same phone call I told you about. We could care for each other, fulfill each other for the rest of our lives. You are so lovely, it's unreal. Our relationship will grow, have confidence in that.

On January 2nd, those two lives, thing happens. Two lives with Scott Peterson.

Got the private life where he does what he wants. You got the public life where he puts on this fake persona that he wants people to grab on to; to manipulate.

Very manipulative man.

Liars aren’t killers by default. Where is the evidence of homicide? If there was any, the jury would not have been fed all of this nonsense.

On January 2nd he tells Detective Grogan, he says do you think when Laci has the baby I'll get half my family back? Do you remember? We heard that testimony.

That's January 2nd. Laci has been missing eight days, grieving husband. You go, oh, God, do you think they took her for the baby?

That’s what the evidence shows. SOMEONE cut the baby out of Laci’s living body. Why else? It has happened more than once before.

For one thing, you know, when I first heard that statement, you got to be kidding me. Do you think I'll get half my family back? Who wants half their family back? Anybody who has kids, you know, some of you have kids. Who would ever say that? But, to him, that's a good thing a grieving husband would say.

A man who was irrational with grief might well say that.

Let's go with that for a minute.

Let's look at the private. Let's look at what he was saying in private to Amber Frey on January 2nd. Play January 2nd. You heard, would swoon.

You would laugh in stitches. And, you know, I can't remember something, do something for hours. But to Detective Grogan, do you think when she had the baby I'll get half my family back? Remember, he is still in Europe at this time. He's in Modesto. You know that. Play 2242. This is when he says, calls her back that same night. On January 2nd, 2242, this is what he says then

I'll think about you, and I'll feel your lips. Laci Peterson had been missing for all of, what, nine days? No one can tell, no one should get up and tell you that this man wasn't completely obsessed with Amber Frey, lusting after her.

Happy with what he's done, because he's finally gotten what he wants.

Without proof of homicide we are supposed to believe this nonsense? Where is the evidence?

It continued even after this, of course, when he hasn't told Amber yet. But it continued even after she confronted him. She finally confronts him on January 6th. He tells the media in some of those interviews that, yeah, I told Amber.

I called her and told her. Right. He says a few days later. Actually thirteen days later. And what he says to her, only reason he calls and tells her this, he doesn't, it's not like, oh, jeez, I got this change of heart. I have got to own up to it. She puts him up to it. She's telling him in there, hey, Sauki is calling me.

You guys can listen to these calls again. You can read the transcript. But saying something to the effect, when she is working with the police, then they say, see what he's going to say about this. Sauki calls me from New York, might be something wrong. What's going on? And during that call, I think it's 10:16 on January 16th, he realizes, I don't know what you are talking about? I don't know anything about it. Then he calls her back. The worst thing in the world. Then he owns up. Probably figured that she knows.

But even after that, January 6th, 2302, I'm longing to hold on to you. At 2329, you changed me this last month. You are so special. You are amazing.

January 7th. I hope in my heart there can be some future relationship with us.

On January 14th she asks him, why do you want a relationship with me, Scott?

You know. You got this missing wife. You are the only one on this planet hasn't figured that out yet. This is what he says. He says I desire to make you happy. So this is the, I think that's the call when something, I want to be a joy for you. I want to learn from you. He goes on and on.

This is also the same day that he inquires about selling Laci's house for the first time. He asked Terri Western on January 14th about that. He says, oh, I can't bring Laci home to this house. Of course, she's only been missing three weeks. I want to sell the house so she has nowhere to come home to.

That house would be the last place in the world she would want to be. A home with memories of the baby ripped from her womb? How could any of them live there after this?

He tells her on January 25th, you have such an amazing character. This is after the press conference, because the media is bugging her so much that Modesto Police Department has her hold a press conference on the 24th. It's either the 24th or the 25th.

He says that you have such amazing character. I actually had to pull over and threw up when I heard you cry. Give me a break. I pulled over and threw up because I heard you cry at the press conference. This is what he is telling her.


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