Monday, September 1, 2008

The Prosecutor's Case .. Continued

Let's talk about Conner's condition. Conner was decomposed extremely. So much so that the doctor couldn't determine the cause of death. But he was much less decomposed than Laci. In fact, Conner, the way the doctor described it, it was really sad. I think the doctor said Conner was macerated, which means soaking something in fluid. That's what that term means. And, you know, anybody who's soaked anything knows what happens to that kind of stuff. But Dr. Galloway said it best, although it's the crudest definition. She said he was kind of like mush. That's what he was like.
I, I think a better term, as sad as it is, is he was kind of like a jelly fish. There wasn't a whole lot left to him. He's a tiny little guy. You know, that's what he was when he, when he came out.

So how did he ‘come out’? What sort of force could do that and not destroy him? If he came out of the cut while he was so mushy, why didn’t the crabs get inside and consume him? The only reasonable answer is that he was removed from Laci around his actual birth date while alive or barely dead and that he decomposed to the state he was found in. A baby who never takes food will not decompose normally – he will remain in far better condition, just as he was found.

Remember on Laci, I forgot to tell you, there was no evidence of an incision on her uterus, or in any location where somebody had killed Laci and then tried to take the body out.

That is the exact opposite of the evidence Distaso offered.

So we've got this tiny little guy who we know went in the water with Laci Peterson.

There is no evidence he was ever in the sea. None. The twine around his neck was tied shortly after he died in Feb. It was described as having dirt, bugs and a musty smell. That means it was never in the sea, let alone sloshing around out there for weeks.

There's no other explanation.

No other one Distaso likes, however his theory is bunkum.

Like Dr. Peterson said, if he was anywhere but inside her uterus, he would have been eaten or completely decomposed.

Not true. Wrapped in plastic bags, having never taken food, he would be exactly as found.

I mean it's a horrible thing to say, and I can't believe I have to stand up here and tell you folks this, but that's just the facts of the case. It's an important fact because it proves to us that Conner Peterson was inside Laci, died inside Laci, and went in the water with Laci. That's what that proves.

It proves the reverse.

There's other things, too. He had meconium, which is like the first stool sample that a baby has inside of him when he's born. He still had that in him.
That was an indication, that was an indication to the doctor that Conner had not been born. It's further evidence that he went, he died inside of Laci.

No, it isn’t. It means he died when he was removed or shortly afterwards.

And let's talk about, I'm going to show one picture from the autopsy, and I apologize for it in advance, but go ahead and show that picture.
This is Conner Peterson, of course, when he's sitting on the Coroner's table.
The reason I'm showing you this is to talk about the tape material here, plastic, whatever you want to call it, around his neck there and under his arm, and all that.
Nobody tied that around Conner's neck. That did not happen.

That is the ONLY way it could have happened. There is no reasonable way to double knot tine like that except by human hands. None.

Look at that, if somebody tied that knot around Conner's neck, for whatever reason, I don't know, to kill him, you know, suffocate him, for what I have no idea why you would do that, but if that's what happened, you would have injury there to his neck, and there's nothing. Look how loose that is.

Because it was tied there to help keep him wrapped up after he died, wrapped up in plastic bags, possibly by Laci.

The other thing about that is there's some knots in there and you wonder how did you, look, it's totally wrapped around him. He came ashore. Remember that area where he came ashore is a tidal flat, so at high tide it's covered with water all the way. At low tide it's ground. He came ashore on a heavy storm surge.

He was never in the water. He was placed there by human hands.

In fact, when you go back and look at the pictures, you can see the line of debris where the heavier objects settled first and, you know, the lesser heavy objects, as the tide was receding. That's what was going on. As he's back and forth in that storm surge and floating ashore, he just wrapped up in this stuff.

Impossible. Nature doesn’t tie knots. Humans tie knots.

For anyone who's having a hard time grasping that or believing it, how do you get knots in something like that, think of some simple examples. An extension cord. I do it all the time. I take my extension cord that I use when I clip my hedges, I throw in it a drawer. When I pull it out, it almost always has a knot in it.

You are a human (I assume). But this is not evidence.

What about Christmas lights? I don't know if anyone's ever unwrapped Christmas lights every year without getting a knot in it. It's what happens when you put all this stuff together.
Remember the doctor testified, he even testified that babies in the womb will sometimes get knots in their umbilical cords. So the fact that there's a knot in there, or even kind of a loose bow tie, if you look at that thing, it's actually not even wrapped around his neck. It comes around and comes down under his arm. That's where it is. He just floated into that, and in the tidal surge it got wrapped around him. It has nothing at all to do with his disappearance.
How else do we know that?
Let's say it did. Let's say that somebody killed Laci and tried, for whatever reason. Let's just pretend. That's what the defense's theory is. Let's just pretend. Killed Laci, tried to pull the baby out and the baby died. Well, for one thing, if they both go into the water at the same time, Conner's gone. Once he's out of the womb, he can't be protected.
There was some talk that well, maybe, you know, I guess that's why this TARGET bag came up. Maybe they put him in a plastic bag. Maybe they did this or that.
Well, the bag's not airtight, so he's going to keep decomposing at the same rate as Laci.

Untrue. Medical experts testify that if he never took food he would not decompose at the same rate. And the bag merely has to cut down on insect access – and the twine would help do that by wrapping him up.

Remember what the doctor told you? He would be gone. There's no way that they could float together like that and be found at the same time, no possible way, unless he came out of her just like Dr. Peterson said, through normal decomposition, that tidal surge when it broke him free, he broke free, and they both started their tracks to shore. That's the only way this could have happened.

Once again, an evidence free statement.

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