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The Prosecutor's Case .. continued

Continued . . .

We're going to talk about that more at length. He backs his boat down in the trailer. He's got the cover on. He goes and puts the truck away.

Taking several minutes and leaving the boat tied up to the dock with the body inside and him away up in the parking lot. This at a dock which has many other boats tied up to it and where people can walk by at any time.

And then how hard is this? He takes the cover off the boat and stuffs it around her body.

Once again, no evidence was offered that the boat could be towed with the cover attached, in fact the opposite was true.

So he uses the cover to cover up. Who is going to see that? Who is even going to suspect it? Who cares if somebody is driving out in the Bay with the cover stuffed in the boat? People do that probably all the time.

Probably? Based on what? Distaso’s wish that it be true?

He drives out to Brooks Island. He dumps Laci out. It takes him all of, what? He gets there at 12:54. We know from his cell phone records he's back at the marina at 2:12. So it takes him less than an hour. Probably 30, 40 minutes at the most.

How did he dump the body without overturning the boat? The prosecution refused to test this because they were extremely apprehensive that they would fail. When the defence tested it and overturned the boat doing it the prosecution had their tame judge prevent the video being shown, on the grounds that the conditions weren’t exactly the same as they were on the 24th. Yet when the jurors ‘tested’ the boat on the trailer in a garage (conditions clearly different from in the water) the judge still refused to allow the video to be shown.

He drives home and reports her missing. Nothing mysterious or out of the ordinary or even anything about this case. It's simple. It's a simple case where a man murdered his wife.

Without leaving the slightest evidence anywhere. That is far from simple. Even policemen, doctors and forensic technicians have failed to manage this.

Now, let's talk about who is going to suspect him. Everybody thinks he's the perfect husband, right? That's what they think. Go ahead and click on that.

They think, you know, the perfect couple. They're living the American Dream.

They're madly in love. We heard all of this stuff. Remember he's the perfect gentleman. The perfect husband. Well, you know what? Show me something that's perfect and I'll show you something that's not. And it's not perfect here. Go ahead and click on that picture. This is what people thought of them. This is what his family thought. This is what Laci's family thought. Two lives going on here with Scott Peterson. Two lives. The one in the public perception, and, you know what, that's a theme that goes through this whole case. And I'm going to show you a bunch of examples. Two lives.

This assumes that Laci was not aware of that Scott had cheated. No evidence of this was shown, in fact evidence showed that she had known he had done this before.

All the facts of Scott’s life show that he adored Laci. All of it shows that he was the person who loved Laci more than anyone else. There is not the slightest hint that he would ever harm her. Idle comments to an acquaintance at a party hardly comprise a heartfelt confession of his innermost secrets. There is no evidence offered that he had the slightest thoughts of a separate life from Laci – all of the evidence shows the reverse.

Click out.

Now, let's go to how, the defendant's reality. Go to that, John.

Here's how well the defendant in his mind was perceiving himself. Not his fantasy world, because we're going to talk about that, but this is how he felt about his reality. He thinks he's facing midlife. The guy is turning 30, but he thinks he's facing midlife. But that's what he tells Amber in one of the calls.

I'm old, he said.

He said: I kept hoping for infertility. I looked at the quote last night.

It's actually: Kind of hoping for infertility. That's what he tells Rose Rocha when Laci announces her pregnancy:

Distaso is postulating all of this on a Jay Leno quip? What if he had said, “Take my wife – please”?

Darn, she got pregnant; I wasn't, I didn't want that to happen.

Really? He ran home to have sex with her every time she was at a fertility peak. He was prepared to pay for her fertility treatments out of his own pocket. THIS is a man who DIDN’T want it to happen?

He tells Brent Rocha: You know, I'm doing bad at my job, I'm turning 30 and becoming a father all in the same year. Boy, life really stinks for Scott Peterson. You know, most people would be overjoyed to have this. Maybe not the lousy salesman part, but the rest of it for sure. But not this guy.

Once again no evidence of this was offered. It is all Distaso’s fantasy.

Click out.

The two lives of Scott Peterson. Click on that. Scott Peterson created a fantasy life for himself. Scott Peterson, in his fantasy world he was rich, he was successful, he had a beautiful girlfriend, he was a jet setter. Remember, vacations in Kennebunkport, fishing in Alaska, jetting off to Europe.

A man lies for sex. Good thing that’s never happened before!

And you know what? He liked that life. That was a fun life. Who wouldn't like it, right? So in Scott Peterson's mind the only way to continue that life, he had to have a plan: Don't want that dull, boring married life with kids that's coming; I need to have a plan. In October he starts making a plan.

No evidence of any ‘plan’ was offered.

Go ahead and click on that.

In October he's looking for another relationship. That's obvious.

What is obvious is that he wanted to know if he still has ‘it’. Once he had a phone number of a willing woman (‘pulled a bird’ as the English say) he made no effort to follow up on it until prompted three times.

He talks to Shawn Sibley. He tells her a bunch of things. Remember, the whole fantasy life thing. The rich, the successful, the jet setter. He tells her it all. He says he owns the company. He actually says he owns TradeCorp. He says one of my name tags attracts women. I'm rich. Horny bastard. Remember that that was his nickname, HB, in every one of his e-mails. And this I think is the most important thing, though, of all those things I just told you. First off he tells her he's looking for another relationship. Okay, we got that. Then he tells her this. In October, I don't remember if it was the first meeting. I line don't remember the exact time he tells Shawn Sibley this. He says, she's talking to him about his, her fiancé, and saying Oh, he's my soul mate, you know, and whatnot. And Scott Peterson tells her this, he says: You know what, I once was with a woman who was my soul mate.

Many men like to BS women. Most women will confirm this. Amber Frey is surely the poster child for this. Where is the evidence of a crime? This is evidence of a guy who likes to impress women – and he is not alone in this.

This is in October. We're going to talk about the December ones in a minute, but it is in October: I was once with a woman who was my soul mate, but I lost her. That's what he says. He's talking about Laci then in October. Laci Peterson was dead to Scott Peterson a long time before he actually killed her.

Now, November the plan continues. He starts a relationship with Amber Frey.

THIS is the ‘plan’? A plan that includes starting a relationship with Amber Frey? Is this the stupidest plan in history? Who would be so incredibly foolish as to start a relationship like this while contemplating murder? What possible benefit to the ‘plan’ could she have provided? As it is, she was the main (or only) reason he was convicted, something any adult would anticipate. Surely starting a relationship such as this is rock solid evidence of the absence of any such plan or intent.

. . . To be continued

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