Sunday, June 24, 2007

Those Cement Weights

It seems to me that this whole case comes down to the cement weights. If they never existed, what is the prosecution theory? If they could produce those weights, it would be the end of the case.

Look at all of the items they took from the house, the warehouse, the truck and the boat. Not one had a molecule of evidence on them - even the infamous pliers with one partial hair were useless to them. So all they need are those four 8 or 10 lb weights. Big, made of cement, metal bar embedded in them, easy to find. Yet after spending an incredible amount of money searching for them, how many did they find? None.

Now they may say that they are in some other area of the bay. Then their theory that Conner's body came from Brooks Island is junk. Either the weights are there, or the body can't be tracked back to Scott's location (and since there is no proof at all that Conner was ever in the sea such 'tracking' attempts are without merit).

According to the prosecution, Scott had 90 lb of cement. Subtracting 8 lb for the weight he did make leaves 82 lb. The prosecution alleges he used 32 lb to make 4 weights.

But no authority can be found to confirm that 32 lb or even 82 lb would have held Laci's body down for more than a few days. They carefully avoided the question and let everybody jump to the conclusion that this was correct. However all of the anecdotal evidence I have found states that this was quite impossible. Two iron cannon balls is the prescribed weight for a man (5 foot tall and 100 lbs would be typical - in the days of sailing ships). I would expect that this would be over 130 lb needed to weight down 100 lb of body (my estimates) -- an 8" diameter cast iron ball runs about 70 lb. It should be noted that this assumes that the burial will be in deep water and since the ship would not even slow down for the burial at sea no one would know if the body stayed down or not. In shallow water, the body can bloat up by as much as three times so an additional 350 lb (including a safety margin of 44 lb) would be needed -- or fifteen 24 lb cement blocks, which would have sunk the boat.

The weights are the key, but can't be found. There is no proof they exist, no proof they ever existed, no proof Scott could or did make them. So how do you convict a man based on evidence that does not and can not exist?

Scott is supposed to be the greatest criminal master mind in the history of the world - the only man who can kill and then move the body repeatedly all without leaving the slightest trace for forensic experts or for dogs. So how come he acts so foolishly? Why would he make 4 or 5 extra weights and space them out so carefully as to leave 5 circles (allegedly)? If he made them one at a time, why didn't the circles overlap? If he made 5 at once where are the molds? And if he made 5 weights at once did he buy 5 dollar store buckets? Then why didn't he buy a $1 drop cloth to put on the trailer? Or some of the plastic bags in the warehouse? Or newspapers? He's supposed to be a criminal genius, right?

What killer ever makes weights ahead of time? I know of no other case where this happened - in all other cases they grabbed something they had already. Perhaps there are cases where the killer bought something to use as a weight, although I recall none. But I've never heard of a case where someone made weights ahead of time.

IF, however, Scott had decided to be that one extraordinary man who does make weights, why would he not put a piece of heavy wire through the rest of the bag, front to back, and then pour water in the bag and use the whole thing as one weight of 82 lb? The wire would be ready to tie around the body and the bag would be disposed of along with the body. 82 lb would at least be more effective than 32 lb and there would be no mess and no bag to dispose of. The state's hypothesis here is completely ridiculous - as was almost all of their case.

If Scott had planned this as the prosecution alleges, he could have purchased anonymous cement blocks and used those as weights. Two would weigh 48 lb - more than his alleged weights he supposedly went to the trouble of making. And they could not be traced back to him.

There were no weights. He is innocent.

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